Thailand Property Taxes and Transfer Fees

Ownership transfer fees and taxes split on a private sale depend on the agreement between the seller and the buyer in a Thailand land law property transaction. Foreigners looking to purchase a property in Thailand may need to clearly confirm in a contract with the seller in a private sale transaction of who will shoulder for transfer fees and all taxes and/or what percentage.

In practice, private sales in Thailand generally divide the amount of taxes and fees involved with the transfer of ownership as follows:

  • Transfer fees – 2 % of the value of the registered property, normally paid by the buyer.
  • Stamp Duty – 0.5% of the registered value. Payable if exempted from business tax, normally paid by the seller.
  • Withholding Tax- 1% of the property’s appraised value, normally paid by the seller.
  • Specific Business Tax(SBT) – 3.3 of the property’s appraised value being sold within 5 years, normally paid by the seller.

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