South Africa Planning to Alter Constitution as a Way to Snatch White Farmers’ Lands


Headed by President Cyril Ramaphosa, the ruling South African ANC party is planning to amend the constitution as a means to take away land from the country's remaining white farmers without compensation, according to RT. The proposed amendment will have to go through parliament to succeed. The white minority that makes up around 9% of South Africa's population sees this move by the government as a forceful expulsion from the country and further ramping up of hostility against them. Most … [Read more...]

Indigenous Malaysians Draw Maps of Burial Grounds to Fend Off Land Seizure


Indigenous groups in Malaysia are using drones and knowledge from village elders to create detailed maps of burial grounds to stake claim to land that is ancestrally theirs and to fight a new law that has led to massive land seizures, according to Reuters. The new land law, implemented in the rainforest-dense Sarawak state of Borneo, seems to be a move by the Malaysian government to maximize the territory for commercial plantations and logging projects. Last week, hundreds of indigenous took … [Read more...]

Rights Group Tells Myanmar to Pay Restitution for Stolen Land


Last week, Human Rights Watch petitioned the Myanmar government to compensate farmers and other civilians who had their land seized by the previous military government ruling the country. The New York-based rights group states that the seizures are still harming farmer's livelihoods and they are oftentimes unable to pay for basic needs like food, healthcare, and education for themselves and their family. Under Myanmar's military government, over 2 million acres of land was stolen without … [Read more...]

New Zealand Weakens Bill Banning Sale of Homes to Foreigners


In an attempt to tackle a housing shortage and increased real estate prices on the archipelago, New Zealand lawmakers passed a bill that would ban foreign investors from purchasing more than 60% of new apartment and condo buildings. Initially, the law was much more strict and unforgiving, but now, if now non-residents and other foreigners will be able to purchase land, houses, and apartments. The rewritten law also exempts Singaporean nationals from any housing investment limitations under … [Read more...]