New Rates Approved, Thailand Property Taxes ‘Imminent’

The Thai cabinet is expected to review has passed the draft property taxes bill, with new tax rates and a widened tax exemption ceiling proposed by the Finance Ministry, this month, reports the Bangkok Post. Under the new proposal, properties would be taxed 0.1 percent (residential), 0.05 percent (agricultural), 0.2 percent (commercial), and 0.5 percent (vacant). The Thailand real estate lawyers at Chaninat and Leeds have specialized in assisting Thai and international clients with real … [Read more...]

Thailand Property Taxes and Transfer Fees

Ownership transfer fees and taxes split on a private sale depend on the agreement between the seller and the buyer in a Thailand land law property transaction. Foreigners looking to purchase a property in Thailand may need to clearly confirm in a contract with the seller in a private sale transaction of who will shoulder for transfer fees and all taxes and/or what percentage. In practice, private sales in Thailand generally divide the amount of taxes and fees involved with the transfer of … [Read more...]

Thailand Real Estate Investments

Thailand Real Estate Law Center

Chaninat and Leeds assists clients in all areas of the real estate market in Thailand. Generally, investors come into two classes: Individual investors and Commercial Investors. Individual Investors Due to the restriction on foreign ownership of land in Thailand, individuals are generally restricted to owning condominium units within the quota set aside allowed for foreign ownership, and in addition, foreigners are permitted to leases on real estate, minority positions in limited … [Read more...]

Basic Thailand land Law for Foreigners

Thailand Real Estate Law Center

There is no freehold ownership of real estate offered to foreigners in Thailand. The Thailand Civil Commercial Code prohibits foreign nationals to own a land in Thailand pursuant to the Land Code Act B.E 2497 (1954). However, foreigners are given the same property rights as Thai nationals under the following special conditions: Foreign ownership under treaty provision Section 86 of the Thailand land code Act states that “foreigners may acquire land by virtue of the provisions of a … [Read more...]