PTT Build’s Urban Rainforest in Bangkok

by admin on February 13, 2018

The Metro Forest Project in Bangkok is one of many project’s stemming from PTT’s mission to reforest Thailand. They aim to raise awareness about better sustainability practices that Thai residents should incorporate in their daily lives.

The Forest was created for Thailand’s Princess Chakri Sirinthorn’s birthday in 2014 and also for an oxygen resource for the polluted city of Bangkok. It hopes to reverse the damage done to the environment due to city expansion. If Bangkok keeps going at the rate it does without planting more trees, parts of the city could sink in a couple of decades.

Prenuptial agreements for Thai-Foreign marriages require an understanding of both Thailand law and the law of the other spouse’s jurisdiction. 

The Project boasts a series of features including a skywalk, learning center and observation deck.

Watch Thai Law Forum’s tour around the project and interview with one of the English guides at the center.

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