Residents Tiring of Foreign Condo Owners Using Properties as Daily Rentals

by admin on May 23, 2019

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Thai condominium residents are growing tired of their foreign neighbors using properties as daily and weekly rentals.

Under Thailand real estate laws, renting out condos on a daily or weekly basis is against the law.

Those seeking to rent out a property for less than 30 days must first apply for a hotel or guesthouse license.

But due to the rise of room-sharing platforms such as Airbnb, more and more foreign condo owners are renting their properties on a short-term basis to travelers.

Since the platforms like Airbnb are technically considered “room-sharing”, they skirt by existing Thai laws in a weird gray area.

Specific legislation and rulings on Airbnb have yet to be made clear.

Either way though, locals living in condos are increasingly launching complaints against condo owners using their properties as pseudo-hotel rooms.

Many of the owners using their flats as quasi hotels hail from China, as record numbers of Chinese are investing in Thai condominiums.

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