Phuket Set to See a Decline in Hill Slope Properties

by admin on March 15, 2018

_Big_Budda__Phuket_2014_february_-_panoramio_(4)Thailand’s Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment have amended property guidelines that will change the way real estate developers operate in Phuket. Under the new law, buildings are no longer allowed to be constructed on slopes of a 35% incline or above. Previously, the threshold was 50% or above.

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Now, properties on slopes within the 25%-35% range should include 70% of green area and any large boulders or trees exceeding 500mm in circumference cannot be removed. The benefits of this new law waives the Initial Environmental Examination for small property developers (29 units or less) and they only need a construction permit, says design experts based in Phuket.

The IEE is required when building 30 units or above and an EIA for 80 units or above. The new law seems to be a Thai government strategy to control property being built on slopes and to sustain the green areas still left in Phuket.

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