Cambodian Farmers Boycott Land Law Meeting

by admin on December 23, 2016

Activists claim the law violates the right to land of farmers

cambodian_farmers_planting_riceCambodian farmers planting rice. 2004. Photo: Brad Collis

Farming families from 15 different provinces in Cambodia boycotted a workshop on the final draft of the Agricultural Land Law after the Agricultural Ministry dismissed their concerns reports Cambodia Daily.

According to the report, the vaguely worded draft law allows the government to take control of any land in Cambodia including protected forests and private holdings.

The report states that “An analysis conducted by the NGO and submitted to the ministry late last month concluded that the new law was unnecessary, threatened to violate basic ownership rights and permitted the government to hand out more land concessions to private companies.”

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Roth Chansophearet of the Cambodian Grassroots Cross-Sector Network said to Cambodia Daily, “The law gives more power to companies and investors. It violates the right to land of farmers. They cannot manage or control their own land.”

The provision also stipulates that all agricultural land will be evaluated by the government and depending on soil quality and other attributes, the government will release an “agricultural land use map” to establish how the land will be used.

Meanwhile the Minister of Agriculture Veng Sokhon said that the farmers’ worries were unwarranted.

Landowners and farmers who do not comply with the rules will be imposed with hefty fines.

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