13354408154_d88cfa9095_zThe infamous tourist destination of Boracay island which rakes in about a third of Philippines tourist population has been ordered by President Rodrigo Duerte to be closed to non-residents and tourists for the duration of six months.

Boracay Island follows suit of another popular South East Asian tourist destination in Thailand. Maya Bay is currently closed off from tourists for four months why the coral reefs heal from tourist boat damage.

Local residents and businesses of Boracay welcome the rehabilitation and renovation order on the island saying that it is “good for our future” however, they “we’re not really prepared for this”.

Duerte said that the island “smelled like shit” due to overcrowding business building illegal pipelines that dumped their sewage into water drains that led to the ocean. He further comments that not only will the illegal pipelines be dismantled but illegal infrastructures will also be demolished.

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